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THE WORLDthe new and the past, adventure and meditation, flavours that mix with aromas to produce harmonies and melodies that are different each time, one moment present and then all of a sudden gone, before returning and coming back to you like Proust’s madeleines, like the unmistakable smell of the sticking plaster you used to put on your grazed knee as a child, like the taste of a toasted mushroom sandwich mingling with the black coffee and takes you back to that far away October morning, your first day at work, your first love, the first time you ate bread and olive oil, or the first time you slept under a duvet. Everything comes back to The World and everything starts from there. And all this is represented by Tarot cards, that enigmaticancient gallery of images and symbols.

A story that goes around in circlesdeveloping and progressing before returning to the start, always youngalways green.

Here, each Major Arcana tells us something precise, but it does so in the form of imageswhose language is immediately clear to us without having to grasp the meaning.

And wouldn’t you say that this is also the case with flavoursHave you ever tasted olive oilA good olive oil, a delicious one (bono, indeed). And have you ever tried to grasp its flavour? Something floralmarine-like, mineralwith hints of artichokered fruitspepper, banana, freshly cut grass, fig, saltapple and a touch of bitternessWhen we taste olive oilwe engage in a type of non-verbal communicationjust as we do when we are presented with a Tarot cardThis cardThis olive oilWho is it speaking toWhat is it saying?

Our range of premium extravirgin olive oils has been inspired by the Tarot cards and tells you a story of different aromas and flavours, as rich and as old as The World itself.

the temperance

THE TEMPERANCE card reminds us that moderation and restraint help us to bring everything back into equilibrium.

The olive oil that bears this name is a bright golden yellow tending towards greenwith a complex and surprising aromaOn the nose, it offers rich floral notes and a pleasing fruitinesswith hints of banana and white fruitsvanilland a dash of sage, mint and basil. This olive oil has a full, refined flavouroffering traces of dried fruit and celerywhilst providing a balance between pungency and bitterness.



BONO LIKES this olive oil in a dressing for a chicken and mango salad with black pepperor with raw croaker fish on toasted spiced breadwith fennel and orange saladwith soft cheeses such as robiola and crescenzaor as an ingredient in fine pastries.

the hermit

THE HERMIT tarot card is always on the move, looking for something precious and uniquejust as a drop of olive oil gives a hint of new and exotic aromas.

This olive oil is clear and intense to the eyewith a beautiful golden yellow colour.

It offers a full, distinctive bouquetrich in traces of dried fruitlettuce and artichokealso present to the tastewhere the full flavour combines perfectly with traces of almondfresh walnut and again artichokeThe only just perceptible hints of pepper and bitterness are very well balanced.



BONO LIKES this olive oil in a salad of Granny Smith applecelery and quartirolo (a typical italian cheese, similar to feta)as an accompaniment for pumpkin or celeriac soupwith a delicious carpaccio of meat or fishor drizzled over turbot cooked with wild fennelor with almond, pistachio or walnut ice cream or even a nougat semifreddo.

the sun

THE SUN is hearty, generous and, if we can think of it as a flavour, titillating and a bit spicy.

It’s no accident then that the olive oil that bears its name is a warm shade of golden yellow, with a hint of green.

It has a fine, unmistakable nosean explosion of fresh tomato pulp and tomato leaffollowed by oregano and marine-like aromasThe flavour is full and strongwith more than a touch of vegetable, freshly cut grasscelery and lettuce

There is just enough bitterness and pungency, which are kept well in check.



BONO LIKES this olive oil in an imaginary caprese salad containing buffalo mozzarellain guacamole or a Bloody Mary, whilst it multiplies the impression of bright red flesh if added to any recipebased on tomatoes, whether raw or cooked.

the chariot

THE CHARIOT is all about movementgrowth and new discoveriesjust as happens when we taste somethinthat initially appears to be delicate, but that then turns out to have a kick in the tail.

Rather like this olive oil with its bright green colour with flashes of gold.

It surprises us with its fulsome nose with herbal and balsamic notesIt has a refined, complex flavour thanks to distinctive undertones of cardoonartichoke and wild leafy greens.

The oil’s bitterness and pungencyof medium intensityare in perfect balance.



BONO LIKES this olive oil in vegetable soupsacquacotta and ribollitawith borage and ricotta salata ravioli, asparagus risottosautéed greens or crudité.

the empress

THE EMPRESS takes charge of our senseswith impetuous and passionate lovespinning around in a sensuale dance across our taste buds.

Dark golden yellow in colour with flashes of greenthis olive oil can have only one meaningamazement.

The initial nose is one of cut grass, olive and an unexpected and overwhelming scent of black cherry and red fruitswhich remains in the mouth, where it mixes with an incredible spiciness.

This olive oil has strong and long-lasting notes of bitterness and pepper.



BONO LIKES this oil with goulasand cotechinowith wild boar casserole cooked with cocoa beans and onionwith a confit of octopus on a bed of pan-fried cavolo nerowith pork fillet cooked with bay and juniperor in a dark chocolate ganache to create a black forest cake in two moves.

the emperor

THE EMPEROR in his turn dominates and rulesbut with strength and charisma.

A dark yellow colour tinged with jadethe nose is fresh and intense, with traces of meadow grass anherbsas well as thyme and marjoramThe flavour is potent and all-embracingwith strong notes of chicoryradicchiocavolo nerogreen pepper and bitter almonds.

This olive oil has strong and long-lasting notes of bitterness and pepper, in perfect harmony with its strong flavour.



BONO LIKES this oil with meat roasted with rosemary and garlicwith lard or pancetta on toasted breadcheese soufflé, seared tuna with poppy seeds and sesamewith custard and zabaglione, both sweet and savouryor with vanilla ice cream or coffee.


JUSTICE is a balancing act and just like a tight-rope walker is always on the point of fallingbut actually never fallskeeping everyone on tenterhooks all the time.

The olive oil that bears its name is indeed correct, eclectic and balanced, perfect for use in any dishOf course, that’s why its nickname is Bono pe’ tutto (“Great for everything”).



BONO LIKES to use this oil when cooking and, as we know, BONO also likes cooking.