italian extra virgin olive oil BONO

italian extra virgin olive oil


BONO is four letters, four people who are very different from each other but deep down the same, united by a common denominator of love, passion, curiosity, enthusiasm and a desire to rise to the challenge. And even a touch of madness.

BONO is Irene Di Meo, Leonardo Rindone, Paolo Iannace and Sara Carenzi. In strictly alphabetical order, of course.

We like to think of ourselves as dazzling 40-somethings, boni inside and out. Except for Sara who, while definitely bona inside and out, is a dazzling 30-something.

We could go into the nitty gritty of how we met and how our plans got off the ground, but that would take too long, so we’d prefer to tell you in Sara’s words: part fairy tale, part gossip, part stream of consciousness.

olea mundi

a selection of premium extravirgin olive oils inspired by the Tarot cards

Our range of premium extravirgin olive oils has been inspired by the Tarot cards and tells you a story of different aromas and flavours, as rich and as old as The World itself.