the hermit

THE HERMIT tarot card is always on the move, looking for something precious and uniquejust as a drop of olive oil gives a hint of new and exotic aromas.

This olive oil is clear and intense to the eyewith a beautiful golden yellow colour.

It offers a full, distinctive bouquetrich in traces of dried fruitlettuce and artichokealso present to the tastewhere the full flavour combines perfectly with traces of almondfresh walnut and again artichokeThe only just perceptible hints of pepper and bitterness are very well balanced.



BONO LIKES this olive oil in a salad of Granny Smith applecelery and quartirolo (a typical italian cheese, similar to feta)as an accompaniment for pumpkin or celeriac soupwith a delicious carpaccio of meat or fishor drizzled over turbot cooked with wild fennelor with almond, pistachio or walnut ice cream or even a nougat semifreddo.

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50 cl


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