the sun

THE SUN is hearty, generous and, if we can think of it as a flavour, titillating and a bit spicy.

It’s no accident then that the olive oil that bears its name is a warm shade of golden yellow, with a hint of green.

It has a fine, unmistakable nosean explosion of fresh tomato pulp and tomato leaffollowed by oregano and marine-like aromasThe flavour is full and strongwith more than a touch of vegetable, freshly cut grasscelery and lettuce

There is just enough bitterness and pungency, which are kept well in check.



BONO LIKES this olive oil in an imaginary caprese salad containing buffalo mozzarellain guacamole or a Bloody Mary, whilst it multiplies the impression of bright red flesh if added to any recipebased on tomatoes, whether raw or cooked.

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50 cl


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